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Pilkington Pyrodur®
THICKNESS: 7 mm or 13 mm
MATERIAL: Laminated using the same advanced technology as Pilkington Pyrostop®, combining glass and a special interlayer that turns to foam during a fire.
INSTALLATION: Pilkington Pyrodur® shall be glazed into the appropriate fire-rated framing with setting blocks and 1.6 mm fire-rated glazing tape to both sides of glass.
FIRE TESTED: EW - Integrity and Reduced Radiant Heat
EW-30 - 7 mm Pyrodur 30-104, Internal
EW-60 - 10 mm Pyrodur 60-101, Internal
EW-30 - 10 mm Pyrodur 30-204, External
EW-60 - 13 mm Pyrodur 60-201, External
U.L. - 20/30 min.
Pilkington Pyrostop®
THICKNESS: 15 mm and 23 mm
MATERIAL: Manufactured using multiple layers of float glass laminated with
transparent intumescent interlayers.
INSTALLATION: Pilkington Pyrostop® shall be glazed vertically into approved fire-rated framing setting blocks located at the quarter points for proper support of the glass. Glaze with closed cell PVC tape and/or silicone wet seal.
FIRE TESTED: EI - Integrity and Insulation
EI-30 - 15 mm Pyrostop 30-101, Internal
EI-60 - 23 mm Pyrostop 60-101, Internal
EI-30 - 19 mm Pyrostop 30-200, External
EI-60 - 27 mm Pyrostop 60-201, External
U.L. - 20/45/60/90/120 min.

THICKNESS: 3.2 mm and 6.4 mm
MATERIAL: Closed Cell Polyvinyl Chloride Foam Tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on two sides, protected with a paper or polyethylene liner.
INSTALLATION: Peel off from roll and place exposed adhesive side directly on to clean surface of vision frame or glass to be glazed.
Do not remove liner until sealant is in proper position.

Steel - 60 min.
Wood - 30 min.
EN-1634* 30/60 min. integrity and insulation
U.L. & W.H.I. 20/45/60/90/180 min.

*Must also use Fireglaze (steel and wood doors) and Fireliner (wood doors only) to achieve results
Fireglaze - 300ml tube
Fireliner - 20 mm strip
INSTALLATION: Fireliner around door cutout (wood doors only). Fireglaze at the base of the glazing to create a barrier to heat.
Fire Tested:
Steel - 60 min.
Wood - 60 min.
EN-1634 30/60 min. integrity and insulation
U.L. & W.H.I. 20/45/60/90 min.